Friday, May 25, 2012

✿ What I wore today. (II) ✿


I haven't posted here in a while, I really wanted to post more regularly but I've had loads of exams lately. I've pretty much finished all of my exams now so hopefully I'll be more active with this blog.

Since I don't have much to talk about, I thought I'd just do another quick 'What I wore today' post!

Lately in England it's been really hot and sunny so I wore something a lot more 'summery' in this one. 

I'm wearing my black TUK creepers (which was a bad idea, my feet were on fire after about 5 minutes of walking in them) which were £70. The shorts were from Topman and cost about £25-£30, I can't really remember!

The shirt's one of my favourite prints ever. The colours are really summery and pretty vivid. I got it from Cow in Nottingham for about £3 (there was a sale).

The tie-dye pale blue t-shirt was also from the sale at Cow, and was about £2-£3. I really like it since it's fairly pale so the tie-dye effect isn't completely noticeable and out there, in contrast with the shirt.

I also wore a blue bindi from a pack I bought on the internet for about £5.20 (for a really, really large pack of them!)

The whole outfit is pretty blue which I like as I don't usually wear blue that often. The whole outfit only came to about £106 altogether, which is quite good I'd say, especially since it'd only be about £36 without the shoes. And yeah, never wear creepers when it's hot.

See you soon :-)

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