Friday, May 11, 2012

✿ TUK Creepers Review ✿

I said I'd do this review today, so here I am.

I got my TUK Creepers as a Christmas present (I literally screamed when I opened them) and I've been in love with them ever since. The ones I got were the 'Mondo Hi Soled Creeper' in black, which were £70. I thought now would be quite a good time to do a review on them since I've had them for a couple of months now, so that's given me enough time to make a proper opinion of them.

This is the box that the creepers come in. It's pretty colourful and jazzy, and also pretty huge!

The top and sides of the shoe is made of suede and the bottom obviously has the heel, which makes it a creeper. The heel on these are about 3 inches, I believe. That doesn't sound like much, but it's really noticeable and they look great, as some of the bigger heeled ones can start to look ridiculous.

I'd just like to mention now that the pictures below are of my shoes now, after 5 months of pretty much constant use. Whenever I went out with friends, I'd wear them. I've even worn them on a couple of walks, which is why they're so filthy. Don't be afraid that your creepers will either A) look this this when you get them or B) end up like this, as I've worn them constantly and that's why they look a bit.. battered. If you want to see how they look when they're new, click here.

The mud on the side is from me treading in a puddle by accident..

I bought the size 11 creepers and when I opened them, they looked absolutely huge, however they actually fitted fine, so don't be worried about the sizing, it's really good. The laces are really thick and definitely won't snap easily. The knots in them stick really well too, I don't really think I've ever had to re-lace them in the day apart from maybe once or twice. For the first week or so of me wearing them, I got blisters on the back of my ankles from where the fabric had rubbed, but that's almost always going to happen with new shoes. After about a week, they felt like slippers, and they still do. They may not look it, but they're probably the comfiest pair of shoes I have, apart from my slip-on Vans. 

A few people might feel nervous about wearing shoes that are kind of 'out there', in a way. They're not the brightest shoes in the world, but they still attract a bit of attention (you can buy much more colourful creepers than this, pink leopard print anyone?). People do occasionally look at them, but why would you wear them if you didn't want anybody to notice them? And that's the same with all shoes. Of course, there will be people who don't like them, and they're allowed their opinion, but if you like them, then fuck it and wear them.

So, now for a slightly negative thing about these shoes! As you can see from the back, they've become trodden down at an angle. This could, and probably is just the way that I walk, maybe I walk slightly tilted out or something, I don't know. However, the sole/heel could perhaps be made slightly stronger so things like this don't happen. It isn't that noticeable, especially when actually walking, so it's nothing big to worry about.

Overall, I'd recommend these shoes to anyone who likes them. The TUK brand of these creepers are extremely sturdy, as I'd heard that some of the other makes of creepers aren't as reliable and can fall apart easily. The suede on the shoes add a kind of gentle effect which the heels contrast well with, making the shoes quite pleasing to look at. So yeah, if you like them but are afraid of what people might say, ignore them and buy them! 

If you have any questions or opinions on these shoes, please comment! (I'll also check out your blog.)

See you soon :-)


  1. These undoubtedly look much better on guys than girls! I'd probably end up in A&E if I wore a pair of these tbh!

    1. Aw, I've seen plenty of girls who can pull them off, they're pretty unisex I'd say! :-) x

  2. They are so AWESOME! I looked for them on eBay because I thought 70 bucks for shoes that I've never worn before is pretty much, but I still think I'll buy them at TUK.:) They look very great on you and thanks for the review, it was very helpful.:) xx

  3. Hey ! Are you sure you got the "hi" ones ? I want to buy the low ones and they look exactly like yours, I'm a bit confused