Wednesday, May 16, 2012

✿ Rye Rye: 'Go! Pop! Bang!' ✿

Yesterday, the Baltimore rapper, Rye Rye, dropped her debut album, 'Go! Pop! Bang!' The album was released through NEET Records (M.I.A.'s record label) and Interscope. The album was meant to be released quite a while ago, but with Rye Rye's pregnancy, the album was delayed. The album features Rye Rye along with a few other artists including M.I.A., Akon and Robyn.

The album is literally full, back to front, with bass. The first time I played it through my speakers, my desk was vibrating. She's really progressed from her 'RYEot powRR' mixtape that she released a while back. All of the songs are way more defined, and there isn't a song on the album I don't like. My personal favourite song on the album, 'Dance' features once again, great bass, but also an 808 drum which makes an amazing beat.

You can purchase Rye Rye's new album here. (Or just listen to it on soundcloud below.)

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