Tuesday, May 15, 2012

✿ Roberto Piqueras: Winter 12/13 ✿

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If you have a Tumblr, you've probably already seen Roberto Piqueras' designs splattered all over your dashboard. His colourful and bright designs were inspired by the Queen of England, and also brought about a 'nu-rave' trend. The fashion show took place in a council estate and led up to a main road in London, giving a large contrast between the surroundings and the models clothes.

Photo from Vice Style
Above you can see the top inspired by the Queen. The diamonds over her eyes make it look very interesting and also link with the upcoming jubilee. The chips at the bottom also go with the English culture, since we all love fish and chips so much. As you can tell, the prints are very digital and colourful, which seems quite inspired by a lot of 'net-art' on Tumblr (sorry for referring to Tumblr so often, but a lot of the designs are pretty relatable).

Photo from Vice Style
The models, apparently, were all found on, again, Tumblr. This shows you the power of the internet nowadays; a whole fashion show can easily be organised on it, no matter what platform, be it Tumblr or Facebook. A lot of the designs are very 'new-age' and out there, but I really hope that everyday high street fashion starts to move in this direction. I personally LOVE this collection so much, and I can't wait until I can possibly buy some of it (even though I'll need to save up forever).

Photo from Vice Style
Another part of this collection is the facial decoration! Piqueras designed a bunch of temporary tattoos shaped like gems and crystals. They're very bright, and I actually want to buy some myself! They're a really good decoration as they also go with the clothes extremely well and add to the 'nu-rave' effect. You can purchase the temporary tattoos on Piqueras' website here.

If you want more photos of the collection, check out the Vice Style article about this collection!

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    1. You have no idea how much I want them. And that cape thing! x